The OrigArmy Project is the creation of Melbourne based Digital Creative Agency 10FOLD.
The idea behind OrigArmy is for creatives to make and share their unique 10 OrigArmy animals by applying their own personal style to each one. It is an opportunity for creatives to showcase their original flair, achieve recognition of their work and develop an online community to inspire ideas around the globe.

The Project will be running for 10 months, beginning on 01 February 2013 through to 15 December 2013. On the 1st day of each month, the instructions for each OrigArmy animal will be available for download from this page. To enter, simply construct your OrigArmy animal, take a photo and message to us with your details via Facebook. There will be a monthly winner and an overall annual winner.

Anyone can enter whether you are an Illustrator, designer, photographer, OrigArmy-ist, student, school or company. There are no limitations on how you style your OrigArmy animal, whether its a printed photograph, graffiti, wallpaper pattern or a manual style arts and crafts, the choice is yours.

Yes, Each month we will be uploading the images sent to our OrigArmy Facebook page. Prizes will be awarded based on the number of "likes" received on the OrigArmy Facebook page

The OrigArmy receiving the most "likes" throughout 2013 will receive the Platinum OriGrammy Award consisting of:

The OrigArmy receiving the most likes each month will receive the Gold Award consisting of:

The 10 most liked OrigArmy each month will receive the Silver Award consisting of:

A. Download the template PDF at the top of this page.
B. Open the template in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and superimpose your unique design over the top of the diagram.
B. Print off the page trimming the image to the square shape.
C. Follow the OrigArmy instructions to create your OrigArmy animal
D. Take a photo of your masterpiece and message us the photo with your name, location, company or institution from our Facebook page
F. All entries will be published on the page for public viewing and public voting.
G. Winners will be notified via the 10FOLD newsletter on the 1st day of each month. Click here to sign up to the newweltter

6a. The OrigArmy project is open to residents from all over the world and multiple entries are accepted, however every entry must be submitted separately
6b. Entries must not be of an offensive nature and 10FOLD reserve the right to disqualify any entry deemed inappropriate for publication.
6c. Entries for February’s Elephant OrigArmy are accepted from 01 February 2013 until 28  February 2013.
6e. Voting for February’s Elephant OrigArmy will commence the 01 February 2013 and will finish on the 28 February, 2013.
6d. Although the entry remains property of the entrant, the name and photograph of the winner may be used for promotional purposes by 10FOLD.